23 Aug 2007

Weekend Trip to Avers

Voigas V12

Headed to Averstal for the weekend and met Dave Mason there. The weather was pretty bad, so I was pleased to find some dry rock. I climbed Voigas v12 and tried New Baseline v14/15. The moves felt hard but I could do all but one where you have to bring your feet from the right to the left, it needs a little more work but I think I can climb this problem by the end of the season. It's annoying having two things (Mordor and New Baseline) that feel possible but need time....which one do you chose? I think Mordor is more important to me........

12 Aug 2007

Attempting Mordor

11 Aug 2007

Surf Trip

Back in Austria now from an attempted surf trip. We went to Tarifa but it was the wrong season for surf (like skiing in the Summer). But we had a go at Windsurfing...psyched to get really into this sport, boardsports seem to be my thing and I can't wait for the winter season to ditch my Atomic Skiis and buy a board, I'm thinking of getting a race board where speed is the main element.

Anyway, even more psyched to do Mordor now.