21 Sep 2010

European Championships Innsbruck (A)

The last event of the 2010 competition bouldering season was mega. As by previous events held in the Market Square of Innsbruck, there was a massive crowd supporting the climbers battle it out. Leading up to the event I didn't really realise what was about to happen in Innsbruck. I thought it was going to be just another competition but this event was a real break-through in competition climbing. I have never seen so many specatators fascinated in what they were witnessing. It is getting easier to understand how the competitions work thanks to people such as Tim Hatch and the interest in this sport in Tirol has boomed as a result of this event and I am very proud to of been part of it. The boulder setting was perfect with loads of different styles and interesting features, nice one Percy and the Innsbruck Team.

Performance-wise, I am satsified with my 8th place but again the final was possible.

More photos at www.euro-2010.at

(Elias Holzknecht)