17 Aug 2009

Silmarillion 8b-Zillertal trip with bro

Just got back from a great trip to zillertal. It was mega warm but cool. Managed to climb Silmarillion 8b on my 3rd go and Mart is back on the rock...............!!

10 Aug 2009


The 2nd part of the Austrian Bouldering Cup was held in Zwettl. The comp was really well organised and we had some great blocs to climb in both the qualificaion and final round. The final started in the evening and with Cody playing some good music and commentating, the atmosphere was fantastic. The battle between luki and myself commenced at the final bloc. We both flashed the first two blocs and climbed the tricky 3rd bloc on our 2nd attempt. I'd won the quali, so if we both flashed the 4th I would win on count-back, the pressure was on. Luki was out first and flashed the complicated bloc and the crowd went wild. I had some water, looked at the stars, chalked-up and walked across the stage to the final bloc. I pulled on and the initial hard move felt really good and then I wasn't sure what to do next so i just went for the sequence we'd worked out and fell. I realised I'd come 2nd but still wanted to climb the bloc so I got the crowd behind me and climbed it 2nd go...great feeling. Zwettl beer was one of the event's sponsors so Luki and Sabby recieved 2 massive bottles of beer for winning.....very nice.

3 Aug 2009

Minas Tirith 8b/+

Minas Tirith is a route at Niederthai that I have always wanted to do as in my opinion it follows one of the best lines at Niederthai. It winds its way up an incredible boulder towering above the green forest below. The route has always been slightly intimidating because it's quite long and involves an aggressive crux sequence on bad footholds. Sabby was psyched to give it a go, so I decided to go for it. I felt pretty bad warming-up, every muscle in my upper body was aching after the Austrian Championships held on Friday and Saturday. I climbed the route unexpectadly on my 3rd go just before a wild thunderstorm hit Niederthai. The weather has turned bad now, which is not a bad thing as it gives a good excuse to stay indoors and train for the up and coming boulder comp in Zwettl. Thanks to Lukas Ennemoser for the great photos of Minas Tirith.

2 Aug 2009

bloc-battle Mayrhofen

The Austrian Bouldering Championships were held in Mayrhofen, Zillertal. I finished 3rd in the event behind Mario and Luki. The girl's event was won by Babsy closely followed by Sabby in 2nd. The competition was really great but what made it stand-out was the fact that it was held in Zillertal and organised by some of Austria's climbing legends.