29 Jun 2009

UK Trip June'09

I attended a Kinesio Taping course in Manchester last weekend and decided to stay for a few days after the course had finished. I visited kilnsey and Yew Cogar and climbed the following routes:
  • Urgent Action 8a+ (one of the best routes I have ever climbed)
  • Dead Calm 8a (flash)
  • Love Sculpture 8a+ (2nd go)
  • Vorsprung Durch Technik 7c+ (flash)
I am really enjoying climbing loads of things at the moment but ready for some real red-pointing.

16 Jun 2009

Eindhoven World Cup

Back from NL after the World Cup in Eindhoven. Cool event that has left me more psyched for comps than ever before. The British Team did really well:
Ned 6th (final!)
Dave 25th
me 27th
Diane 15th
Leah 25th
Mina 27th
It feels really good to be part of a team of focused and psyched climbers who want to climb well at international events...next year will be interesting.

I am a little dissapointed with my result because although I felt like I was climbing ok, I lacked focus costing me a few top-outs. I need to work on this before the next event.

I am really looking forward to the BBC this year, just need to find some reasonable flights back to the UK for the weekend.

2 Jun 2009

Boulder World Cup Wien

Went to Wien on Thursday for the WC. The qualification round went really well and I qualified for the semi-final. The blocs in the semi were really cool with all different styles of climbing. I was well psyched on the 3rd bloc that involved a fight with some massive volumes. I climbed two blocs and finished 8th, my best WC result to date....well happy.

Driving out to Averstal on Friday for the weekend...I hope it's not too hot.