24 May 2009

Weekend in Averstal

Just back from a great trip in Averstal with Sabby and Eli. It was pretty warm, but still managed to climb some great boulders. Looking forward to going back. Here is a quick tick list of the trip:

NBL Stand 8A+
Electroboogie 8A+
Rythmo Brachial 8A (flash)
Jack the Chipper 7C (well good)
FightClub 7C (Flash)
Gollum 7C (Flash)

Next weekend is the WC in Wien....Vollgas.

11 May 2009


Bouldering at Shiobara: Heiko

The Team above Tokyo City: Babsy

Sabby bouldering at Shiobara: Nalle

more info about the trip coming soon......