9 Sep 2009

8c after work

I had the afternoon off work today to go climbing with Sabby at a limestone crag, Nassereith, near Imst. I warmed-up on some really nice routes and climbed Morpheus (8c) on my 5th go spread over 2 days. The route is great, it involves some really wide moves on a 45˚ wall and a really hard slap to a crimp from an undercut at the top of the wall. Sabby is trying a hard route there, so I am looking forward to returning and attempting some of the other routes.

I'm heading back to the UK tommorrow for the British Bouldering Team Training weekend....looking forward to aching muscles on Monday.

6 Sep 2009


I don't know what to write........I literally can't express how I'm feeling right now. I first tried Mordor (8c+/9a) a few years ago and made really fast progress. The route took alot longer than expected and nothing has ever pushed me through so many physical and emotional barriers. I can't actually believe that I have done it and this epic is finally over.

(Elias Holzknecht)

4 Sep 2009

Bloc Master Innsbruck

(Photo: Heiko Wilhelm)