20 Oct 2010

Castillion & Le Loup

September: The heather covering the mountains turns red, the air is crystal clear, the forest yellow, the rock dry.

The competition season had finished. Sabby and myself packed the car and drove to France. First stop was Castillion to build some endurance and relax by the sea. Next stop was Gorges du Loup. This place is unbelievable. As you walk along the base of the crag the wave of limestone towering above is overwhelming. We had no idea where to begin until some locals pointed out some of the classics. At first it was a little unusual climbing on giant tufas but after one day we learnt how to move and started climbing some incredible routes. Some highlights include Super Tango (8a+), Deverse Santique (8a+), Hot chilli Beans (8b+) and Pas Vu, Pas Pris (7c).

Want to go back!

Back in Austria the weather has been amazing but time has been a little limited as we have started renovating our new flat....sometimes feels hardeer than climbing!