30 Jul 2009

Céüse Trip

A tick-list from my short trip to Céüse and La Balme. More pics and info to follow.
l'ami tout la monde 8b (3rd go)
violente illusion 8b (2nd go)
carte blache 8a (onsight)
les colonnettes 8a (flash)
l'ami caouette 8a (2nd go)
la coleur du vent 8a (2nd go)
Alien extension 8a+ (3rd go)
le privilege du serpant 7c+ (flash)
vagaond d'occident 7c (flash)
best route of my trip: Bibendum 7b+

17 Jul 2009

Training evening at Piburger See

I think this was the first time that I went to a crag with the intention of just training. The routes at Piburg are around 25-30m so getting pumped was the goal. We warmed up and flashed an 8a extension (no name) and then climbed another 8a and finishing with a 7b+. All climbed within 2hrs. I'm really enjoying routes at the moment but I need to get back to the bouldering wall to do some max before the Austrian Bouldering Champs in August.

11 Jul 2009

Oetztal Fun

Had a great day in Oetztal. Luki and I went to Piburger See just down the road to climb some routes that we'd not done before. I climbed the following routes:
  • 7b warm-up
  • Metamorphose 8a+ (flash)
  • Nostalgie 8a (onsight)
  • A floater dreier 7b+
It felt really good to be flowing on the rock and I find Piburger See one of the best climbing areas around.

Atfer climbing we decided to go mountain biking. The ride ended up been mega and we finally arrived at a mountain hut with no money and really thirsty. Luki sorted of knew the old guy that owned the hut and he gave us some home-made schnapps and we just took in the view for a bit before the downhill fun started.